Bang! Bang! BOOM! Vol 1 DIGITAL

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Story by: Melanie Schoen
Art by: Del Borovic

Bang! Bang! BOOM! takes place in an alternate history version of 1933 America, where technology is booming and magic is a curiosity rather than an impossibility. In this action-packed romance follow the exploits of protagonists Jakub Danowicz and Cheshire Bloom: gangsters, gamblers, and lovers, who for years have fought alongside each other as members of New York's Kozlow Gang. Jakub's cunning and unyielding stoicism paired with Cheshire's carefree spirit and explosive magical abilities have earned them widespread notoriety, but it's only after Jakub convinces Cheshire to leave town with him for Chicago that their real adventure begins.

This first volume is 206 pages of mostly black and white artwork with full color chapter titles.  Recommended for readers 17+ due to violent and suggestive content.