Bang! Bang! BOOM! [NEW YORK] Vol 1 DIGITAL

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Written by: Melanie Schoen
Cover art by: Del Borovic

In the alleyways of 1920s New York, long before their adventures would take them west, young immigrant and small-time gangster Jakub Danowicz meets Cheshire Bloom, an eccentric teenager in possession of explosive magical powers. Their partnership propels them from petty theft to turf wars to industrial espionage, flinging them into the paths of colorful friends and foes. But to Jakub, Cheshire is more than a fellow gangster. If only Cheshire knew...

This prequel to the comic Bang! Bang! BOOM! is 260 pages. This digital version contains Del Borovic's original full color illustrations.  Recommended for readers 17+ due to violent and sexual content.